Gettysburg Baking Company

We’ve been baking artisan breads & pastries for the Adams County community since 1996. We maintain standards that honor the craft traditions found in European village-style baking. By paying attention to time & temperature, we transform the humble ingredients of flour, water, salt and yeast into flavorful and memorable loaves. Our signature Adams County Sourdough provides you with the many benefits resulting from extended fermentation: wheat gluten softens into amino acids, making this loaf more digestible, longer fermentation also breaks down the sugars and starches resulting in a loaf with higher mineral and vitamin content, and lower overall carbohydrate content. Our bakeshop location at 17 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg and offers fresh breads and pastries with a variety of grab-and-go, hand-held meals to enjoy at home or for a quick satisfying lunch. Friday and Saturday evening hours provide an excellent choice for exceptional desserts and espresso/coffee beverages. {yum!}


Address: 17 Lincoln Square Gettysburg

Telephone: 717.334.2367

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M. Chandler
M. Chandler
2 years ago

I love the morning rolls, and the rustic loaves they go quick! So, you gotta get there early!

Charles Stangor
Charles Stangor
2 years ago

Best bakery in Gettysburg. Try the cinnamon raisin twist pastry!

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