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  • The Battle for Redistricting Reform Can Still Be Won
    The battle for redistricting reform and an end to gerrymandering in Pennsylvania had been going on for decades without success when in 2016 good-government reform groups decided to coordinate their …
  • Making our Democracy Work Locally
    “American democracy works because America makes it work at the local level.” The moment I heard Joe Biden utter these words in his Electoral College victory speech on December 12, 2020, they became …
  • Healing the Racial Divide
    Local communities of color have been almost literally invisible politically. For years, realtors and banks steered black homebuyers away from most neighborhoods and hundreds of black and brown …
  • Criminal Justice: Is Prison Worth Its Cost?
    Each of us has a stake in our criminal justice system, whether we’re a presently or formerly incarcerated person, a family member, a criminal justice employee or administrator, a community member, a …
  • U.S. Congress HR1: For the People Act Would Provide Needed Changes
    Are you concerned about the state of our democracy today? — that the majority of people are not heard or are ignored by those who are pledged to represent them? The For The People Act (HR 1) …