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Business, Organization, and Individual Sponsorships

Non-profit and for-profit organizations as well as individuals are invited to become Gettysburg Connection sponsors.


  • Showcases your organization as a contributor to an important community service.
  • Enhances awareness of your brand and drives traffic to your website.
  • Furthers Gettysburg Connection’s mission to provide trustworthy local news for Adams County residents.

We offer three convenient sponsorship levels:

Other Options:

  • Exclusive Section Sponsorship ($75/month or $800/year)
  • Three day spot ad ($250)

Nonprofit Discount: :15 percent

Other options:

  • Exclusive Section Sponsorship with Sponsored Content: $75/month
  • Three-day Spot Ad: $250

Learn more about Gettysburg Connection.

Please call (717) 430-2171 or email [email protected] for more information.