About Gettysburg Borough

Gettysburg, the Adams County seat, was originally settled in 1786 and incorporated in 1806. Today, Gettysburg is governed with a Council/Manager form of government.

gettysburg borough

Gettysburg boasts a vitality and historic downtown seen in few communities of its size. Specialty shops, coffee shops, taverns, art galleries, athletic facilities, non-profit organizations, history centers, museums, theatres, historic churches and much more offer attractions for many ages and interests. Seasonal festivals, parades, farmer’s markets, and special events fill Gettysburg’s streets every year.

As a close neighbor to Baltimore, Harrisburg and Philadelphia the community draws visitors from across the country and around the world. Gettysburg boasts Sister Cities in Europe, Central America, North America, and Asia. Gettysburg is known as the ‘Historic Crossroads’ – a reference to the intricate and intersecting road system leading to and through the town. Control of this road system was a seminol reason why the Union and Confederate Armies fought a three-day battle in and around the town during the American Civil War in July 1863. 

Recently receiving National recognition for its Main Street Progam for advancing historic preservation and economic development, Gettysburg is also a very safe community where pedestrians come before motorized vehicles (it is very easy to walk across the street in Gettysburg). Known for its Recreation Park and developing interconnected bike paths (called the Gettysburg Inner Loop), it is a place for families with children of all ages to enjoy life. The Gettysburg Area School District also has a very strong reputation.

The Borough supports open and responsive local government. We are proud of those who serve on our Borough Council, volunteer on our Authorities, Boards, and Commissions, and serve as Emergency Responder Personnel, as well as our dedicated employees who serve and protect residents and visitors.