Recent Adams County Real Estate Transfers

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Looking for your borough or township? Just enter it into the search box.

The transfers go back to 2020, but only 200 transfers are listed on each page

To find older transfers switch to later pages at the bottom of the table

Transfers are updated regularly.

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Paul Kriger
Paul Kriger
10 months ago

No property transfers since 10-12. ????

Shirley Smith
Shirley Smith
11 months ago

How often do you update Property transfers. I enjoy seeing the comings and goings of our community. Thank you

Charles Stangor
Charles Stangor
11 months ago
Reply to  Shirley Smith

Hi Shirley… Every two weeks approximately. The exact schedule depends on when we get information from the county. Thanks.

Shirley Smith
Shirley Smith
11 months ago

Thank you…Just wondering since it has been over a month since last postings…

Cary Shirley
Cary Shirley
1 year ago

Why are people in the square rude when you stop to let them go, No wave, no head nod whats wrong witb our Pa people to day ?

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