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Founded in 2018 by owner, publisher and editor Charles Stangor, Gettysburg Connection has quickly grown to be the premier source of free online news for Gettysburg and Adams County residents.

We’re a grassroots publication with the goal of maintaining open news access for all members of this community regardless of income. We are sustainable due to the support of those who are able and willing to pay because they believe in the value of what we do.

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The Connection publishes over 600 trustworthy news articles every year in over 20 interest categories, including, arts, food, health, podcasts, parenting, sports, government, and education.

We publish local journalism that promotes civic engagement and community trust.

The Connection reaches over 20,000 visitors every month and sends a weekly newsletter to over 2,500 engaged readers.  Our reach and engagement is growing annually.,

Our reach is hyperlocal – focused on the 100,000 residents in Adams County, although about 20 percent of our readers come from outside Adams County (Mainly Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia)

Gettysburg Connection is supported by the generosity of individual members and organizational sponsors.

Gettysburg Connection is independently operated and not associated with any other media organization.

Gettysburg Connection is published by Gettysburg Connection Media LLC.

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Contact us: cstangor@gettysburgconnection.org.

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Gettysburg Connection is a Proud Member of LION Publishers

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