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The Connection is committed to keeping our news free and at the same time providing the quality local journalism you’ve come to expect and deserve. Gettysburg Connection is made possible by our supporters. Without them we would not be able to bring you our news, our elections coverage, our events calendars, our contests, and the rest of our 20+ categories of reader engagement.

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Starter membership ($49.99 annually or $4.99 per month) covers the cost of reporting on one school district, borough, or township public meeting, out of the hundreds we do every year.

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Sustaining Membership ($119.99 or $11.99 per month) covers the cost of producing the Gettysburg Connection podcast for an entire year. This year’s podcasts included over 25 interviews with local community members who are making a difference. Recurring sustaining memberships receive an embroidered Gettysburg Connection cap or a non-profit sponsorship donation as a gift.

Gold membership ($199.99 or $19.99 per month) covers the cost of creating a month-long outreach program to bring the Connection’s content to an under-represented community. Annual recurring gold memberships receive an embroidered Gettysburg Connection cap or a non-profit sponsorship donation as a gift.

One hundred percent of your support goes directly to our news-gathering efforts. Gettysburg Connection does not have a print edition. Your support of Gettysburg Connection’s journalism does not constitute a charitable donation and does not qualify for a tax deduction. If you have any questions about contributing to us, please contact us.

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