ACAC gives Applause Awards at its annual meeting

The Adams County Arts Council (ACAC) hosted more than 70 people at their annual meeting on Tuesday evening. Attendees included all three County Commissioners, several leaders from area organizations, the Arts Council’s Board of Directors, as well as ACAC staff, members, artists, instructors, and art enthusiasts.

Executive Officer Lisa Cadigan, hosting her first annual meeting, said the evening was a celebration of the ACAC’s work in 2022 on its mission “to cultivate an arts-rich community.” “Cultivating an arts-rich community means we want to inspire people to appreciate the arts, and to do that, we need to engage people in the creative process,” she said.

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Cadigan thanked the board of directors saying “I’m really proud of the team we are building.”

Four Applause Awards were presented to Arts Council volunteers and supporters to recognize outstanding leadership, vision, and service to arts and culture in Adams County. Award recipients were:


George participated in the Arts Council’s inaugural Women’s Healing Arts program last year and also served as a volunteer for The People Project, First Friday receptions, and the Jingle Ball. Arts Council Executive Director Lisa Cadigan described her as a person who “embodies a creative spirit, (who) always has interesting ideas to share and then shows up to help make them a reality.”


ACAC Board Member Lois Starkey presented the Applause Award to Patti Robinson, whom she lauded for her work to reinvigorate the New Year’s Eve celebration in downtown Gettysburg, her participation in and co-chairing of the ACAC’s Halloween Costume Party, and her stewardship of the online platform, Gettysburg Alive, which shares local news of interest with the community about local businesses, non-profits, and particularly arts and culture to an audience of more than 3,400 followers. “We are grateful for [Patti’s] voice in this community, as we are constantly learning more about the things going on around us, which opens up partnerships that serve our mission to cultivate an arts-rich community,” said Starkey.


ACAC Board President Darlene Brown presented the third Applause Award to Wellspan Gettysburg Hospital President Michael Cogliano, who has taken time in a busy schedule to volunteer at a number of important community causes, including Arts Council outreach efforts, serving as emcee for the New Year’s Eve Celebration’s raising of Lincoln’s hat, and participation in Dancing with the Local Stars, which benefits both the Arts Council and the YWCA. Cogliano “works for an organization that understands good health is more than exceptional healthcare. It starts in the communities where we live, work, and play,“ said Brown. “Our Award Winner [Cogliano] puts his employer’s goals into action.”

ENBRIDGE accepted by Max Bergeron, Manager of Stakeholder Relations

The final Applause Award was presented by long-time Arts Council Treasurer and golf tournament chair, Stuart Kravits to Enbridge, which has supported and participated in the golf tournament annually since 2020 and last year also sponsored and participated in the Jingle Ball. Enbridge was lauded for being a large company that gets involved at a local level. In addition to being generous sponsors, “Employees from Enbridge have traveled across the state and from neighboring states to meet us here in Adams County as active participants in our community events,” said Kravits. Last month, Bergeron and colleague Kristen Henson, Senior Advisor of Stakeholder Involvement, visited the Arts Education Center. Bergeron plans to play in the golf tournament this year.

Cadigan said offerings at the ACAC in 2022 included 146 classes with 878 participants; 3 galleries with 30 artist presentations; the Arts Oasis stage on Lincoln Square with 89 performances; 362 summer camps with 354 students, over half of which were funded through scholarships; and 544 senior scholarships.

Cadigan unveiled a stain-glass collage “One Piece at a Time,” featuring the work of community members under the direction of Christian Parker.

Attendees had the opportunity to help paint a canvas with a sketch drawn by painting instructor Elsie Shackelton.

Featured image caption: Applause Award Winners: Left to Right, Bergeron, Cogliano, Robinson, George, and Cadigan [Kylie Stone].

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