Adams County Democrats encourage canvassing for local candidates

The Adams County Democrats will host a series of Saturday sessions to help people learn to canvass.

Canvassing is the process of soliciting votes for political candidates, usually by going door-to-door or making phone calls.


“I’m passionate about canvassing because data suggests it’s the most effective way to help candidates,” said Gettysburg College Political Science Professor Douglas Page, who will be providing the training.

Page said that although people were sometimes reluctant to canvass, it can make a difference for candidates.

“You have to put yourself out there,” he said. “Wearing your politics on your sleeves can be intimidating.”

But Page said people canvass to make a difference. “People are tired of being angry about what’s going on and they want to help,” he said. “People who canvass may find it cathartic and feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Page will instruct people about canvassing in sessions to be held from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on each Saturday until the Nov. 7 election at the Adams County Democratic Committee headquarters, 24 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg.

Click here to sign up for a canvassing session

In addition to the training, people who want to canvass for Democratic candidates will receive materials and addresses. The canvassers then go to neighborhoods, usually in pairs, to talk with residents.

“We give people lists. They go out and do it on their own time,” said Page.

Page said another alternative is to make phone calls for your preferred candidates. “If you have a cell phone you can use your phone,” he said.

Page said canvassing did not guarantee a candidate would win a race. “But we’re moving the needle,” he said. “We try to make people as comfortable and familiar with the process as possible.”

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