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Home » elections » Adams County Elections Office Provides Voting Updates

Adams County Elections Office Provides Voting Updates

The Adams County elections office is working hard to process the many mail-in ballots that are being cast in the 2020 general election and to prepare for election day on November 3.

“The County fully anticipates a strong turnout this election cycle, and voters should rest assured that everything will go smoothly thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated team of poll workers, election staff, and County officials,” said County Solicitor Molly Mudd. 

Mudd reminded voters to keep these things in mind as they complete their ballots:

1.  Mail-In Voting Is SAFE:  Adams County has been processing and canvassing absentee ballots for years without issue, and the mail-in voting process is exactly the same.  Approximately half of voters voted by mail during the Primary Election in June.  You will be able to track your ballot every step of the way via email or online.  All mail-in ballots are safely stored under lock and key until they are counted during canvass.  

2.  Deadline to Apply:  The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot has now passed.

3. Completing Mail-In Ballot:  When you receive your mail-in ballot, read the instructions thoroughly:  (a) Fill out the ballot completely, (b) place the completed ballot in the secrecy envelope marked “Official Ballot,” (c) place secrecy envelope inside pre-addressed envelope, and (d) sign, date and seal the outer pre-addressed envelope.

4. Delivery of Mail-In Ballot:  By 8pm on Election Day, you can either (a) deliver your completed ballot the U.S. Post Office to be mailed, (b) hand-deliver your own ballot to the drop-box located inside the lobby of the Adams County Courthouse , or (c) hand-deliver your ballot to the County Election Office, located on the first floor of the Courthouse.  NOTE: The County must receive any mailed ballots by 5pm on the Friday after Election Day in order for them to be counted, so try to get your ballots in the mail as soon as possible to avoid postal service delays.

5. Check the Status Online:  You will receive emails updating you as to the status of your mail-in ballot, or you can track the progress of your mail-in ballot online at

6. Single Drop-Box In The County:  There will be only one drop-box in Adams County, located in the Adams County Courthouse lobby.  That drop-box will remain available for voters during normal business hours.  The drop-box can only be opened by Elections staff, and will be monitored by video surveillance to ensure the safety and security of your ballot.

7.  Received Mail-In Ballot, But Want To Vote In Person?:  If you already cast your mail-in ballot, you may not vote at the polls.  If you applied for a mail-in ballot, but have not cast it and want to vote at the polls instead, you must bring your uncast mail-in ballot and both envelopes to the polls to be voided.  Once your mail-in ballot is voided, you will be given a regular ballot to vote.  If you forget your mail-in ballot and/or envelopes, you will only receive a provisional ballot at the polls.  

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