Adams County Farmers Market 2021 Vendor Application Portal Now Open

The Adams County Farmers Market Association (ACFMA)’s 2021 Vendor Application is now available online at ACFMA invites vendors of all types to consider applying, including fruit and vegetable growers, dairies and cheesemakers, and vendors specializing in shelf-stable items such as jams, jellies, pickles, and preserves. Hot and prepared food vendors are also welcome to apply, as well as local artists and craftspeople.

Despite the Covid-19 public health crisis, 2020 was a very strong year for the Adams County Farmers Market. Gross annual market sales increased by an astounding 42% over 2019. ACFMA anticipates that a continued surge in demand for regionally produced food along with the momentum generated in 2020 will make 2021 an even greater success for farmers market vendors. According to ACFMA’s End of Season Vendor Survey, 93% of 2020 vendors intend to return in 2021. 

ACFMA was recently awarded a $93,000 USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) grant award. The 3 year FMPP project timeline begins in 2021, and will help contribute not only to a successful 2021 farmers market season, but also to the long term sustainability of the Adams County Farmers Market. 

ACFMA is also proud to offer a wide variety of food access and wellness initiatives for a variety of Adams County residents. These programs have served as an excellent stream of additional revenue for farmers market vendors.

Anyone with questions about how to become a vendor at the Adams County Farmers Market are encouraged to reach out to Reza Djalal (

ACCF Mission Statement:

The Adams County Farmers Market Association is committed to a vibrant farmers market which assists consumers in obtaining fresh, nutritious food while strengthening the bond between agriculture and the community.

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