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Adams County Farmers Market seeks board member nominations

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The Adams County Farmers Market Association (ACFMA), a Gettysburg-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is seeking nominations for qualified and passionate individuals to serve on the volunteer board of directors.

The ACFMA’s board of directors is made up of a cross-section of community leaders, farmers, growers, healthcare professionals, food policy advocates, and other individuals that support the farmers market’s mission and core values. Duties of board members include providing fiscal oversight of the organization, supporting and evaluating the market manager/program director, and helping foster the growth and success of the farmers market.

The ACFMA is asking community members to nominate people in their networks to serve on the Adams County Farmers Market Board of Directors.

ACFMA board members may also be tapped to serve on one or more of the organization’s committees. The Site Development Committee, for example, works to make improvements to the market’s current venue and is also responsible for spearheading relocation efforts should they become necessary. The Outreach & Wellness Committee oversees the ACFMA’s various food assistance programs and tracks the impact of these programs in regards to community wellness.

“Enthusiastic leadership is important.” said Tara Megos, Vice President of the ACFMA and proprietor of Weaving Roots Farm. “Our farmers market has grown rapidly over the past few years, and we need fresh faces and new ideas to keep the momentum going.”

The ACFMA welcomes readers to think broadly about people in their networks with experience related to nonprofits, law, agritourism, agriculture, marketing, economic development, governance, etc. Readers may also submit board nominations directly to manager@acfarmersmarkets.org, or a digital nomination form can be found on the ACFMA website: www.acfarmersmarkets.org/staff-and-board. Through this form, community members can nominate themselves or people they know to the leadership of the Adams County Farmers Market.

“Anyone who is familiar with our market has probably seen a lot of impressive growth and success over the past couple of years,” said ACFMA Market Manager Reza Djalal. “The best part of being on the ACFMA board is that you get to have a direct impact on the nature and character of our community’s farmers market. Watching the market come to life every Saturday morning and getting to say ‘I helped make this possible’ is really rewarding.”

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