Adams Elections/Voter Registration Office faces uncertainty before the May primary [Episode 61]

The four full-time employees at the Adams County Elections Office have their hands full all year long keeping the elections process running smoothly, but activities switch into high gear between now and May 17 when the 2022 primary election will be held.

The list of contested offices this year includes state senator, governor, and lieutenant governor, as well as state representatives and local party committees.

The situation became a bit clearer this week as the state supreme court selected a redistricting map. That decision allows candidates to submit their petitions and the election process to move forward.

I got a chance to talk with elections office director Angie Crouse about the issues facing the preparations and the upcoming ballot counting.  I learned a lot about this important process, and the uncertainties that come with it in this election, and I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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Musical Introduction by Thane Pittman.

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