Adams honors long-time Carroll Valley Police Chief Richard Hileman

The Adams County Commissioners have proclaimed November 1, 2022 as Chief Richard Hileman Day in honor of the policeman who served Carroll Valley for 30 years.

Hileman, who served Carrol Valley Police Department Chief since 1997, began his service as a patrol officer in 1992. In 1994 he was assigned the position of criminal investigator.


“This is a sad moment for me and the rest of the county,” said Carroll Valley Mayor Ron Harris as he introduced the honoree. “I want to thank the commissioners for this moment to recognize him.” Harris said Hileman had served Carroll Valley and the entire county.

Before reading the proclamation, Phiel said Hileman’s observations, suggestions, and help procuring resources for Adams County law enforcement led to the formation of an arms training range for county police officers and a much-improved emergency radio system.

Thanking him for his special efforts on the part of the county, Commissioner Jim Martin said “It’s always a pleasure to recognize someone with a great career. Hileman always asked, ‘how can we do this better, more efficiently?’ He made law enforcement better.”

The proclamation said Hileman’s “knowledge, vision and work ethic have provided a significant benefit to the Carroll Valley/Fairfield community, as well as the entire Adams County community, by facilitating grants, equipment, programs, and vision.”

According to the proclamation, Hileman was an “advocate and facilitator for DUI Enforcement, Victims of Sexual Assault, D.A.R.E. Drug Education Programs, the Adams County Emergency Radio System, Adams County Chiefs of Police, Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police CrimeNet Records System, Interim Carroll Valley Borough Manager, was a key facilitator getting lap tops in patrol vehicles in Adams County, was a strong advocate for the Adams County Law Enforcement Firearms Training Range, and played a key role for 25 years in the Annual Gettysburg Reenactment, that greatly benefited the Adams County community in many ways, providing safety & security to the community and the public.”

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