Anya Rosenbach and Paytyn Plank are YAIAA girls’ tennis Players of the Year

The York Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association coaches have announced their 2023 Girls All-Star tennis selections for 2023. New Oxford’s Anya Rosenbach and Paytyn Plank of Biglerville were chosen as Division 1 and Division 2 Players of the Year, respectively. 

Rosenbach, a junior, went undefeated during the regular season, leading the likewise undefeated Colonials team to the state semifinals. 

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Plank, only a freshman, enjoyed a stellar season for Biglerville and was also undefeated at No. 1 singles during the season. 

Two Adams County coaches, Travis Martin of New Oxford and Denise Dunn of Delone, were voted Coaches of the Year.

Here are the complete all-star voting results:

YAIAA Division 1

Player of the Year: Anya Rosenbach (New Oxford)

Coach of the Year: Travis Martin (New Oxford)


First Team (in addition to the player of the year): Lexi Lakatosh (Red Lion), Allison Horick (New Oxford), Kaelyn Balko (New Oxford)

Second Team: , Namya Jindal (Dallastown), Alex Wolf (New Oxford), Elizabeth Tony (Dallastown), 

Honorable Mention: Summer Antkowiak (Susquehannock), Kylie Althoff (Red Lion), Maaria Khan (Northeastern)


First Team: Anya Rosenbach/Allison Horick (New Oxford); Alex Wolf/Joslyn Loss (New Oxford); 

Second Team: Lexi Lakatosh/Riley Watson (Red Lion), Namya Jindal/Elizabeth Tony (Dallastown);

Honorable Mention: Kayley Skibicki/Lily Smith (South Western), Kaelyn Balko/Hannah Hawkins (New Oxford), Kylie Wampler/Emory Millar-Kellner

YAIAA Division 2

Player of the Year: Paytyn Plank (Biglerville)

Coach of the Year: Denise Dunn (Delone Catholic)


First Team (in addition to the player of the year): Ella Knox (Delone Catholic), Katie Hayward (Kennard-Dale), Baileigh Stetter (Delone Catholic)

Second Team: Brielle Baughman (Delone Catholic), Molly Karom (Bermudian Springs), Gabrielle Erdman (Delone Catholic)

Honorable Mention: Ashley Heacock (Delone Catholic), Ella Mikula (West York), Grace Buchheister (Biglerville)


First Team: Ella Knox/Baileigh Stetter ( Delone Catholic), Paytyn Plank/Kiersten Englebert (Biglerville)

Second Team: Brielle Baughman/Gabrielle Erdman (Delone Catholic), Katie Hayward/Rhylin Webb (Kennard-Dale)

Honorable Mention: Ashley Heacock/Michalina Miller (Delone Catholic), Molly Karom/Amelia Gerringer

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