Arendtsville Lions give almost 500 earbuds to UASD students

When the Arendtsville Lions Club contacted Upper Adams Intermediate School to see if there was a need for school supplies for any of their students, the answer they received was a bit of a surprise.  According to Principal Sonia Buckley, the school district does a good job of providing basic instructional supplies, such as pencils, paper, crayons, colored pencils, and erasers. In addition, the school had already arranged for students in need to receive backpacks and clothing to start the school year form other organizations.  

“I can tell you the one item that we always are running out of (or the kids are loosing) are earbuds.  Teachers have kids working on individual programs on the computer, so they require them to have earbuds,”  wrote Mrs. Buckley.

UASD earbuds

Upper Adams School District provides each student in the Intermediate School with a laptop computer for use during the school day.  The computers are an integral part of instruction, and the use of earbuds allows students to work without distracting their peers.

Using the guidance provided by Mrs. Buckley, the club found a source for the earbuds at a very reasonable price.  With the amount of money the club had budgeted for this project, they purchased 475 sets of earbuds, which were recently delivered to the school.  Each set of earbuds came in its own case, which was imprinted with the Lions Club logo. 

The earbuds will be distributed to students by the teachers on an “as needed” basis throughout the school year.  

Featured image caption: Front Row L-R:  UAIS students Jillian Ramsey, Madelyn Asper, Wyatt Ruck, Carley Cramer, Fineas Hollabaugh, and Brooklyn Davis. Back Row:  Arendtsville Lions Club members Gloria Weant and Deb Gibbons; UAIS Principal Sonia Buckley and Assistant Principal Jared Mummert [Arendtsville Lions Club]

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