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Bear sighted in West Gettysburg

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Posted on Facebook today by Michelle Smyers:

Good Morning everyone!

Just a friendly PSA to our residents:

Yes, there is a black bear roaming the west end of Gettysburg, anywhere from Red Patch Ave and Confederate Woods out to Knoxlyn Rd and north to Herr’s Tavern. From the photos I’ve seen, it looks to be a juvenile, probably about 2, that is just looking for food and his or her own territory. Please keep your trashcans and any bird feeders you have around your property secured. In other words, don’t roll out a welcome mat for it and it will eventually move along without being what some people would call a nuisance. The bear is far more afraid of you than you are of it and most likely won’t ever attack anyone or anything. With that said, let’s all just use some common sense and let it alone and as I said, without easy access to food, it will move along all on its own.

And please don’t flood 911 with sightings of it. There’s really nothing anyone is going to do about it unless it becomes a nuisance so let’s prevent that from the start. It’s just a wild animal looking to find its own way.

Have a great day!

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