Big Hill Ciderworks

Big Hill Ciderworks started as a dream of two guys from the auto industry.  Ben and Troy met in a dealership in 2006 and both shared hopes of someday owning farms.  Troy had been making wine and cider since 2002 and Ben started to homebrew while living in Detroit a few years after they met.  Since then, both have quit the auto industry, bought their own farms and started with nothing – no equipment, no apple bins, no how-to book, just a dream. The dream became reality in 2013 when Big Hill Ciderworks was founded.

Adams County is known for it’s incredible history and beauty, but also the unique microclimates and soil types that are perfect for growing apples. Our two small farms total roughly 40 acres of apple production.  The orchards are home to more than 40 varieties comprised of traditional bittersweet & bittersharp varieties chosen specifically for our ciders.

Proper soil is where great cider begins, providing the perfect foundation for our trees. Throughout the year specialized pruning techniques and attention to maintenance contribute to the quality of our fruit.  We pay close attention to the fruit ripeness so we never have to use any additional sugar or sweeteners.  Flavor comes naturally from the fruit, as mother nature intended. 

We not only grow our fruit but also press, ferment, package and distribute each of our ciders. Utilizing traditional, time-honored cider making methods of slow fermentation, barrel aging and wild yeast fermentation, we showcase a distinct flavor profile, unique to our orchards and our region.


Address: 338 Georgetown Rd Gardners

Telephone: (717) 677-0250

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