Blue Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge in Gettysburg is Dedicated to Susan Naugle

Gettysburg Borough Council members and employees, representatives of Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian, Inc. (HABPI), and other interested people gathered today near W. Middle St. on a beautiful fall afternoon to dedicate the blue bicycle bridge that was installed in 2018 to former council president Susan Naugle.

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Gettysburg Mayor Ted Streeter made the dedication saying the event was “not an everyday occurrence.”

Streeter said the Gettysburg Inner Loop bicycle trail was one of Naugle’s passions. “Susan did an excellent job.”

Streeter also thanked Borough Engineer Chad Clabaugh and Public Works Director Robert Harbaugh for their work on the project.

HABPI representative Tom Jolin characterized Naugle as “civilized, peaceful, and harmonious,” saying it “was a pleasure to have this opportunity.”

Jolin noted that Gettysburg residents had named the stream that runs under the bridge Stevens Run after Thaddeus Stevens and that the borough was doing the same thing today by naming a bridge after an important public figure.  Stevens and Naugle are “two exemplary, beautiful people,” said Jolin.

Addressing the gathering, Naugle said “so many hands make a project like this happen. This was the big project that made people realize what the Gettysburg Inner Loop is. It’s not a simple thing; it’s beautiful,” said Naugle.

Naugle said she was pleased to see so many people using the trail and that she was working diligently with HABPI to finish phase 2 of the trail. “We’re only $100,000 short of our required matches for the grants,” said Naugle.

Naugle also thanked state representative Dan Moul for his help on the project.

“I am humbled by this,” she said.

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