Bounty of the County begins tomorrow

The Adams County Fruit Growers Association is again presenting its annual Bounty of the County event that allows restaurant patrons to sample locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

The event, which features fruits and vegetables from 13 local producers served in nine restaurants begins on Friday, August 6 and continues through Sunday, August 15.

Adams County creates a superb growing environment for fruits and vegetables and there are over 20,000 acres of orchards throughout the county. Our farmers grow over 7 million bushels of apples every year that become juice, apple sauce, pie fillings, and sauces, as well the apples we find in our markets.

And our local farmers also grow a variety of other fruits and vegetables that are ripening now.

Bounty of the County celebrates the annual harvest and connects the residents of Adams County with the great growers, allowing them to enjoy the fresh food the way the growers do – very soon after it’s harvested.  

Chefs at the participating restaurants in Gettysburg and Adams County are crafting delectable dishes from the fresh produce straight from Adams County farms.  When you visit a restaurant, look for or ask about a specialty menu with a list of the dishes and beverages you can choose from.  Then enjoy!  

A portion of meal proceeds are donated to support research and education for Adams County fruit growers

Visit any of these 9 awesome restaurants:

Dunlap’s Restaurant       *    Thirsty Farmer Brew Works

Hickory Bridge Farm   *   Dobbin House Tavern   *   Fourscore Beer Co.

Olivia’s Restaurant   *   Ploughman Farm Cider Taproom

Mela Kitchen in Jack’s Cider House   *    Mason Dixon Distillery

Thank you to the farms providing produce:

Hollabaugh Bros., The Round Barn & Market, Hilltop Farm Market, El Vista Orchards, Three Springs Fruit Farm, McDannell’s Fruit Farm, Rice Fruit Company, Bear Mountain Orchards, Knouse Foods Cooperative, Twin Springs Fruit Farm, Boyer Nurseries and Orchards, Bream Orchards, and Peters Orchards.

Find details at and on Facebook at @ACBountyoftheCounty.

The mission of the Adams County Fruit Growers Association is to promote the fruit industry of Adams County by initiating and supporting promotional programs, supporting and encouraging educational programs, growing and marketing research and development projects, and any other programs or projects that shall be of benefit to the Adams County fruit industry.

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