Bullets Just Keep Swimming

When the pandemic seized the country and forced many workout facilities to close, including the Jaeger Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness, the Gettysburg College swimmers were left to find new pool lanes and training methods to stay in shape. Many of the student-athletes have gained access to pools over the last few months, allowing them to keep conditioning and preparing for a return to competition.

Delaney Adams ’21
Brookfield, Conn./Brookfield High School

“Myself and Meg Keene joined the YWCA in Gettysburg and use the pool when we have time to try to stay in shape. I also enjoy going for walks or runs by the battlefields. It’s also nice just to get outside for my mental health because we don’t have designated practice times with the team anymore. Our coach sent us a long list of practices to do starting at 3,500 yards! I have only personally gone twice so far because I just recently joined, but I’ve just been easing back into the water and trying my best to follow along with those workouts.”

Grace Bobeck ’22 
Allentown, Pa./Salisbury High School

“Once I received workouts from Coach Brown, I knew I needed to find a place to start moving around. I was lucky enough to find a gym near my house that has a pool. I recently joined and have been practicing there with an old high school friend which helps with my motivation. Since I just got back into the water, I aim to swim around 3,000-3,500 yards per practice. I am a freestyler, so I have been focusing on breath control, stroke, turns, and finishes. Once I start getting back into the swing of things I plan to focus more on speed and endurance to prepare for the potential practices if we attend school in the spring.

“Prior to joining the gym, I was able to take advantage of a walking trail that lies across the street from my house. I would run throughout the day or take walks with my mom to get some activity in for the day. Running made me realize how much I missed the water!”

Elissa Clancy ’23
Ridgefield, Conn./Ridgefield High School 

“I found it difficult to stay motivated during quarantine, but when my local YMCA opened up I tried to go a few times a week. I worked on building up my yardage and started implementing speed work in order to feel my strokes in the water. I never did more than 5,000 yards but it was nice to just be back in the water.

“I also did a lot of conditioning outside of the water and am currently going to the gym four times a week to do strength training. I have been lifting and working on my arms and legs a lot and have incorporated cardio, trying to run up to 20 minutes. I have been squatting with the bar and using my bench press in my basement for upper body strength. Overall I’d like to get back in the pool more consistently, but I have tried to do a lot of strength training on land.”

Brooke Gardner ’24
Wilton, Conn./Wilton High School

“Most of the summer my swim team’s pool was still shut down and I was unable to swim, but I was lucky enough to be able to go on runs outside on trails in my hometown and do body strength workouts to stay active on a daily basis. I’ve been so happy to be back in the water and swimming in the Bullets Pool. We are only able to have two swimmers in a lane to keep us socially distanced and safe, but I am really enjoying the opportunity to be able to practice with my teammates that are on campus. Being able to swim with each other makes practices so much more fun and we all help push each other to do better during sets.

“I wish that I was able to get to know and train with all the upper-class, but the ones that are on campus are so encouraging and motivating in and out of the pool. The upperclassmen that are unable to train with us are still putting in the effort to stay in contact with us, which is really helping the team morale for all of us new freshmen.”

Delaney Adams and Megan Keene have been swimming at the Gettysburg YWCA.
Delaney Adams (left) and Megan Keene have
kept up their training at the Gettysburg YWCA.

Megan Keene ’21 
Chelmsford, Mass./Chelmsford High School

“I am currently training at the YWCA in Gettysburg with teammates Delaney AdamsOliver Yancey ’21 and Jack Edelson ’21. Even though we are not able to train as a group on campus I am glad that I have teammates off-campus to train with. Coach Brown has sent us a variety of practices to do from 3,500 yards to 6,500 yards. Some are stroke specific or training group specific, whereas others are very general that all groups can do. It has been super helpful to stay motivated and keep in shape for a hopeful spring semester season.

“On days that I am not in the pool I have been doing virtual Orangetheory workouts or going for runs on the battlefield. I try to work out every day because it betters both my physical and mental health.”

Cate Kosko ’22
Yardley, Pa./Pennsbury East High School

“I joined a local gym that has a 25-yard pool. I try to swim 3,500-5,000 yards a day along with some lifting. I focus on keeping the technique I had before, I focus on drill and aerobic work. I mix in some speed as well, but I try to get in, so I don’t lose the feeling of the water. When I don’t have time to swim, I use the dumbbells at my house for power/strength workouts. I’ve gotten very creative these past couple of months.”

Hannah Wasson ’23 
Nazareth, Pa./Nazareth High School

“I have been swimming at my local YMCA since coming home from school. It’s definitely been challenging to find the time to go because we have to reserve a lane, but it’s such a great way to get out of the house during the week and have a break from school work. I mostly go in the mornings 7:30-8:20 or 8:30- 9:20 am. I grew up swimming at the YMCA and started competitive swimming there when I was eight years old until 8th grade! I actually still have the eight and under medley relay record there with some of the girls who I swam with all the way up until graduating high school, so it definitely brings back a lot of memories going there.

“I try to put in around 2,000-2,500 yards whenever I go. I do a lot of backstroke and freestyle sprinting, fly work to keep my endurance up, turn work, and drill work so I don’t lose my form. We are only allotted 40 minutes to swim so I try to do as much as I can within that time. Over the summer, since the YMCA wasn’t open, I would swim laps in the pool in my backyard with my dad. I also did a lot of cross training over the summer and I got really into going on long bike rides as a way to stay in shape. My family and I would go on 10-20 mile bike rides and when we went to Killington over the summer we went mountain biking. Getting out of the house now and exercising is a great way to break up the day especially now when we are doing online school.”Print Friendly Version

This story was originally posted on the Gettysburg College Website.

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