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Casey Blasts Senate GOP Over Failed Border Security

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey has slammed Senate Republicans for failing to secure the US border, with the country’s southern border being exploited by Russian forces for the smuggling of fentanyl and other drugs.

The federal government has been urged to take stronger measures to combat the crisis, with Casey calling the current situation an “insult to the American people”.

He has said that Senate Republicans’ refusal to support border security measures, which were included in a bipartisan bill that also provided aid for Ukraine and Israel, is a “brazenly admitting” of the issue’s importance.

He said: “After insisting that border security was such an emergency that it needed to be addressed immediately, my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are now brazenly admitting that this issue can wait until after the November elections.

“Everyone knows the reason for this insult to the American people is that Senate Republicans are genuflecting to their presidential candidate because he’d rather campaign on this crisis than fix it.”

Casey has said that he is committed to securing the US border and combating the fentanyl crisis, and he has called on the federal government to take stronger measures to support law enforcement on the border and increase the number of border patrol agents.

He said: “Make no mistake: Senate Republicans failed to do the hard work to secure our border and combat the fentanyl crisis today.

“The real tragedy here is that the only winners today are Vladimir Putin, Hamas terrorists, President Xi, and fentanyl traffickers.”

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