Casey introduces new legislation to improve voting accessibility for people with disabilities

A new package of legislation has been introduced that aims to improve voting accessibility for people with disabilities by removing existing barriers and providing more support for local governments.

The Accessible Voting Act, sponsored by Senators Bob Casey and Amy Klobuchar, would provide funding for assistive technology, such as wheelchairs and braille, and support the hiring of more qualified personnel with disabilities to work in local and state government.

The bill would also ensure that people with disabilities do not lose their federal disability benefits while they are campaigning for elected office and that local governments have the resources to provide necessary accommodations for elected officials with disabilities.

According to a statement, the Voting Act is essential to ensuring that all Americans have equal access to the ballot box and that democracy is stronger as a result of the full participation of all citizens.

Eligible communities include those with a population of less than 10,000 people, located in rural areas or with a federal poverty rate of 18 percent or higher.

If passed, the legislation would make a significant contribution to improving the voting accessibility of people with disabilities and their ability to participate in local and state democracy.

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