Cast shines in Community Theatre’s “Xanadu”

“Xanadu” opened last week at the Gettysburg Community Theatre and continues this weekend.

In 1980 Venice Beach, California, Sonny (played by Max Carlson) paints murals. But he dreams of opening a theater that promotes the arts and hosts a roller-skating disco rink.

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Kira (Emma Kiri), who appears as an Australian tourist pushing him towards his dream, turns out to be Clio, a muse and Zeus’s daughter.

Put under a curse by Clio’s meddling sisters, Kira (Clio) and Sonny fall in love, in hopes of banishing Clio from power, and by extension ending Sonny’s dream.

The light-hearted musical is highlighted by the chorus of 2nd through 5th grade muses, along with a supporting cast of dancers. Entertaining character dynamics, like those between the mischievous antagonists Melpomene (Audrey Trax) and Calliope (Savannah Schneider) create drama and enjoyment.

My favorite lines where when Sonny suggests that “art isn’t [merely] for the rich and education … it was for us (the audience),” and when the muses argue “Is this not the dawn of the 80’s? – This is the 1980s – eww.”

A slew of funny comments, among other gems, made this show light up.

Kirk led every scene she was in and her performance helped the audience follow the action.

The muses provided comedic extension, and supported every musical number they were in.

Xanadu JR., inspired by the Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical and the Universal Pictures’ cult classic movie that starred Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, continues with shows on Thursday Oct. 13 and Saturday Oct 15 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday Oct 16 at 2:00 p.m.

Tickets at the theatre’s website.

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