Coronavirus in Adams County PA

Current coronavirus news and statistics from Adams County, PA.

COVID-19 vaccinations remain lower than state averages in the county, and the current risk level of infection remains very high.

Track Adams Covid Cases Here

Wellspan Health reports that 92 percent of the COVID-19 patients who need hospital care are not vaccinated. These unvaccinated COVID-19 patients are more likely to need more serious care including being put on a ventilator compared to vaccinated patients.

According to Wellspan, “the vaccine is safe, and effective, and the numbers help show it.”

Complete county statistics are here:

See the Wellspan Dashboard for more information

Five of the six Adams County school districts present their COVID on a dashboard. Littlestown Area School District reports their cases at school board meetings.

Bermudian Springs School District

Conewago Valley School District

Fairfield School District

Gettysburg Area School District

Upper Adams School District

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