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CVSD honors students, appoints Crabill treasurer, keeps graduation date on May 24

During the Conewago Valley school board’s meeting on Monday evening, the board received a handful of requests asking the district to delay graduation. The board opted to continue with the schedule as planned.

Superintendent Christopher Rudisill read three public comments on graduation asking for the ceremony to be delayed so that restrictions would be lifted and more family and friends could attend. The comments also mentioned concerns about only providing four graduation tickets.

A board director also relayed a community member’s concern about the date.

The board did not take action, with some commenting that it would disrupt the plans many high school seniors and their families have already made for after graduation. They also felt they could not change the date so close to the planned ceremony.

A livestream of the graduation ceremony will be available.

Graduation will be held on May 28.

Teacher appreciation

Rudisill thanked the student representative to the school board for her work over the past year.

He also thanked teachers for navigating a particularly challenging year through the pandemic.

“I’m just always amazed at their ability to adapt, adopt and shift on a moment’s notice to make sure that our students are getting the best instruction possible, whether it’s in-person, hybrid, remote or any other situation they make happen,” Rudisill said. “Our teachers continue to rise to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19, and push themselves to make sure that our students feel challenged, supported and successful. I’m honored to be the superintendent of Conewago Valley School District, and I’m fortunate to work with amazing teachers and administration that believe that all students can learn. They put their job on the line every day to make sure that they support our students. Our support staff that believes in a student-first approach, and support of a school board and community that wants the best for our students.”

Rudisill said he and staff are eager for the next school year.


The board recognized several student achievements during the meeting.

Selena Rosario was honored for being the New Oxford High School Rotary Student of the Month for April.

Ally Mathis and Eryn Little were recognized for being some of the students in the area to be nominated as Gettysburg Times Athletes of the Week last month. Mallory Topper was named for receiving the same nomination this month.

Students Kingston and Liv Mummert were recognized for donating supplies to their schools.

Fourth-grade student Henley James was also honored for receiving first place in her grade category for the York Adams Libraries Poetry Contest.

Several students were recognized for fulfilling the requirements to receive their Career Ready Endorsement (CRE) from the school.

  • Bailey Biggerstaff
  • Hannah Darr
  • Hannah Reichart
  • Jared Widerman
  • Jack Slonaker
  • Vance Hagerman
  • Caleb Kaiser
  • Jon Clinton

“(The CRE is) like a letter of recommendation saying that they’re ready to go,” Rudisill said.

Biggerstaff, Anthony Withrow, Jasmine Brown, Tessa Myers and James Serviss were all recognized for getting the Dwight D. Eisenhower Senior Self Improvement Award for this year.

Brown was also honored for receiving the Resiliency Award.

Other Business

School principals said that testing has either been completed or soon will finish at their schools.

“I’d like to give our students a lot of credit,” Matthew Muller, principal of New Oxford Middle School, said. “We challenged them hard about this, and I’ve got to tell you, when we walk the building and we walk in the classrooms and just pop in doors, our kids are giving an outstanding effort. It’s pretty easy to think that they may just go in and bubble in some things and not take it seriously or whatever, but that’s not the case. I’m sure the other administrators can say the same thing. They’re working their tails off, and we appreciate that.”

Christopher Bowman, principal of New Oxford High School, thanked the board for enabling the high school to hold live theater and music performances.

The school recently performed “Little Shop of Horrors,” a chorus band orchestra concert and an ensemble concert, he said.

“As a music guy myself, I have to admit I got a little emotional myself at the music concert because, well, just because I got to finally see our kids perform again,” Bowman said. “It meant a lot to them. It meant a lot to me. So I appreciate you allowing us to get back a little bit of normalcy. Even though it wasn’t quite normal, we were happy to have those opportunities, and the kids, as always, just did a phenomenal job.”

The board voted to appoint Luke Crabill as board treasurer.

The next regular board meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 14.

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