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CVSD Remains Focused on Return to Daily Instruction at the Intermediate School

A return to daily instruction in the Conewago Valley Intermediate School is still in the books, but has been delayed until at least January 19 due to the recent spike of COVID cases in Adams County, said District Superintendent Christopher Rudisill yesterday.

But Rudisill said reopening full time will create a host of difficulties.

Conewago Valley SD

“The health plan has to be re-written because the best we can do is three feet of separation, said Rudisill. “The masks have to be worn.”

Rudisill said lunch plans would have to be altered to allow spacing in the cafeteria and that lockers would have to be used.

The district would move to an arrival time that is 20-minutes later and the half-hour early dismissal currently in place would remain.

“Class sizes are a problem. Some kids would have to change their classes in the middle of the year.  No one wants that but it’s a sacrifice we’ll have to make,” said Rudisill. “On the buses, we’ll be back to 48 per bus meaning 2-3 per seat.”

Rudisill said that if the district goes to only three feet of separation it will be under increased scrutiny from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. “The DOH Is going to be a lot quicker to shut us down when we’re at three feet. We may end up with quarantines of students and classes. We might have to close down for a few days,” said Rudisill.

Rudisill said parents would have an option to go online if the change is made.

In terms of academics, Rudisill said teachers should be reaching out to students who are having trouble with their grades. “We don’t want any kid falling through,” said Rudisill.

Rudisill also shared recent updates to the website that makes it more user-friendly and that the district is moving forward with a demographic survey to assess future housing development and its impact on the district over the next 10 years.

“I don’t want to make decisions without being properly informed,” said Rudisill.

In other news, the district is also planning to offer six new courses

Mathematics Department:

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Trigonometry

Social Studies Department:

  • AP Human Gcography

Art Department:

  • Art Survey (CV Online)

Family and Consumer Sciences Department :

  • Hospitality and Tourism (CV Online)

Applied Technologies Department:

  • Introduction to Precision Metal Manufacturing
  • Materials and Manufacturing

None of the courses require hiring new staff or equipment.

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