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As part of our commitment to civil community discourse and transparency and to give voters as much information as possible before they go to the polls, Gettysburg Connection provides information about local elections. Follow all our elections coverage here. Follow our coverage of the 2024 Presidential Election here.

Democracy For America Offers Post-Election Meetup

Thursday, November 10
7 pm, YWCA Community Room

DFA’s Leon Reed and Professor Char Weise of Gettysburg College will appraise the results (to the extent they are known) of the 2022 elections, considering such issues as election results and trends in Pennsylvania (governor, senator, state legislature); national results and trends (who will or is likely to control the House and Senate and where will this be decided); results of high profile elections.

They will also consider how these results are likely to affect ongoing struggles about democracy, policy disputes in Washington, and the 2024 elections. The focus will be on how this will affect our lives.

Ample time will be reserved for Q&A. Don’t sit and wonder how it will turn out. Come discuss it with the experts!

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