Election Day was a Great Success

The Adams County Board of Elections is happy to report that Election Day was a great success, with a record-breaking 77.73% voter turnout.  Elections Director Angie Crouse and her dedicated staff worked around the clock to facilitate in-person voting while the Board of Elections and other County staff diligently counted mail-in and absentee ballots beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Election Day and the day after. 

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Molly Mudd

Mail-in ballots were an extremely popular option among Adams County voters this year, with nearly 19,000 mail-in ballots received.  These mail-in ballots were stored under lock and key and counted in strict accordance with the law.  The counting of the mail-in ballots was monitored in-person and via a live video feed by representatives of both political parties and the media, ensuring a completely transparent and secure process. 

Adams County is beginning the canvass of the provisional ballots and remaining mail-in ballots today, and anticipates the final results of this election will be published sometime early next week. 

The County thanks elections staff, poll workers, and volunteers for their hard work, without whom this election would not have run as smoothly as it did.  The County also wants to thank voters for being respectful to election workers and each other at the polls.  Adams County prides itself on its efficient, transparent, and secure elections, knowing that every vote is crucial to a functioning democracy. 

All results from this election can be found here, and will be updated next week with the final results: http://www.adamscounty.us/Dept/ElectVoteReg/Pages/ElectionResults.aspx   

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Molly R. Mudd, Esquire is the Adams County Solicitor and the Adams County Prison Board Solicitor.

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