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Emelda Bailey wins Garden of the Month Award: Colors and Curves

By Deb Steckler

The Gettysburg Garden Club, through its Garden of the Month committee, is pleased to present the August Garden of the Month award to Emelda Bailey of 55 Park Avenue, Gettysburg, PA.

August is a tough month for gardens in our area. Minimal rain results in plants drying to a crisp. Heavy and windy thunderstorms blow and pound any blooms to the ground. 

When driving around the area, the Black-eyed susans are the only cheerful-looking flowers that stand out in August. So the Garden of the Month committee was pleasantly surprised to see Emelda’s Garden when driving through the area. A large row of knock-out roses colored salmon, in various shades of pink and red, worked as a solid color block against the bright pops of orange, yellow, white, and red gladiolus.

Emelda and her family moved into their home two years ago. The curvy flower bed was mulched but lacked plants, except a Japanese maple anchoring the end of the driveway. There were also some green bushes in the middle and a large tree anchoring the other end that covered the entire corner of her Tudor home. Emelda decided to accentuate the curves to offset the lines of the house by lining the bed with red brick blocks. She kept the Japanese maple and removed everything else. 

The first thing Emelda planted was the knock-out roses because she loves roses. However, it is costly to grow that many roses at once. I pointed out that they will continually bloom, unlike a bouquet that dies, so it is more cost-efficient in the long run. Emelda also added a few yellow variegated hostas lining the sidewalk to the front door. Additionally, she bought several bags of gladioli bulbs of varying colors and planted them.  If Emelda plants something and decides she doesn’t like the location, she digs it up and moves it to a better spot. She also has some white Asiatic lilies planted in front of the roses that offset the sea of pink, red, and orange colors.

While Emelda’s Garden lacks a diversity of plant materials to write about, it makes up for this in vibrant colors and contrasting shapes that are visually appealing. I also felt that over time, more plants would start to appear. Gardening is always a work in progress, and I can’t wait to see what Emelda’s artistic eye comes up with next!

To nominate your property or someone else’s for the Garden of the Month awardplease call or text Deb Steckler at (717) 357-3623 or go to our website at www.gettysburggardenclub.com.

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