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Fairfield Area School District pursues new roof contract, bid bond

The Fairfield Area School District board voted to pursue collecting a bid bond related to a roof bid it attempted to accept earlier this month.

During its prior meeting on May 10, the board voted to award a bid for $592,000 to Ream Roofing Associates, LLC and $145,000 to Detwiler Roofing, LLC for roof work on school buildings.

According to Superintendent Michael Adamek and William Mooney, district buildings and grounds supervisor, Ream declined to accept the work. It cited a mathematical mistake as the reason for backing out.

Adamek and Mooney said the board can potentially claim up to $59,200 in a bid bond from the company for not following through on its bid. The bid bond is equal to 10% of the bid.

The board voted to pursue the bid bond and to instead award the bid to Detwiler for about $100,000 more.

Adamek said the board can decide during its next meeting whether to use fund balance or CARES Act funds to make up the remainder. If the board wins the bid bond, that money could also be used to help close the gap.


The board voted to raise the real estate tax millage rate from 11.0751 to 11.1305 (a 0.5% increase).

“The potential new revenue as a result of this increase is estimated to be $49,855.24,” a note in the agenda stated. “The cost of this increase to the median taxpayer is anticipated to be $12.36.”

The board also voted to accept its preliminary 2021-22 budget. The budget includes anticipated income and expenses of $19,040,332.

A copy of the preliminary budget will be posted online and will be available to review at the district office, according to Adamek.

The board will vote on the final budget during its meeting on June 28.

Once a final budget is approved, it will be sent to the state.

Public Comment

Sean Jones told the board that he hopes it is beginning to plan for next school year.

Jones commented that while he understands that masks are mandated, he does not understand why the children receive a break from them in the morning but none during recess or in the evening.

He also said he felt the middle school soccer team’s cancellation of a recent outdoors game with Bermudian Springs was unnecessary. He also questioned why the high school track team was able to compete the next day.

“It’s just part of the haphazardness of closures we’ve had all year long,” Jones said.

The board did not respond to his comments during the meeting.

Other Business

On its agenda, the board noted that it was given 1,200 masks from FourSquare Church in Gettysburg via Ford Credit.

Barbara Richwine, principal of Fairfield Area Elementary School, said teachers sent questions to FACE (Fairfield Area Cyber Education) students asking if they planned to participate in school in person this fall.

Richwine said most elementary families indicated they plan to return to school in person.

The board’s next regular meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday, June 14.

Imari Scarbrough is a freelance journalist.

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Imari Scarbrough is a freelance journalist. She was a staff newspaper reporter for five years before becoming a freelancer in 2017. She has written on crime, environmental issues, severe weather events, local and regional government and more.

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