Friends of the Littlestown Library has a full slate of upcoming events

by Sharon Lentzner

During these past three years, we may not have all experienced or taken notice of the many wonderful events happening around us. As president of the Friends of the Littlestown Library, I would like to share one of those events with you.  This year our town celebrated the 11th anniversary of the Littlestown Library location at 232 North Queen Street.  A library of which we are very proud because it was built through the dedicated hard work and sacrifices of the members of our community.  It is a place where we gather for both educational and social events.

So, like you, we are anxious to get back to planning the activities that we love and are so well known for within our community. Right now, we are busy making plans for fundraising events to promote, sponsor, and support our library. Funds raised will be used for the presentation of special children’s programs, discussion groups, guest speakers, and presenters and for providing the educational atmosphere for reading, research, and computer workstations – among many other things. The dedicated work of the “Friends” can literally make a lasting difference in the programming of the library and the involvement of the community at large.

I am excited to say our first fundraiser this year was our soup sale on the 24th of Feb. We made 384 quarts of Chicken Com and Beef Veg. soup to fill our orders. People seem to love our soup and, through the years, have come to look forward to getting it.

We are having a Paint Party on March 25th· The cost is $30.00, and the instructor supplies all you need to do your painting. You will be amazed at how beautiful it turns out! Call Sharon at 717-359-9550 for more info. The party will be held in the Community Room at the Littlestown Library at 5 PM. Limit of 30 people: so call early to secure your place.

On April 14th and 15th, we will be holding our Annual Book Sale. This will be a terrific event. Throughout the year, we have collected books received from book lovers, educators, families, and friends. You will discover many books that are old favorites or by authors you love. ALL AT BARGAIN PRICES! High-quality special interest books, from literary fiction to political biographies, are marked at significantly reduced rates. The event will be held at the Bethel Assembly of God Church, 1125 Frederick Street, Littlestown, PA. Fri.-8:30-6 PM Sat. 8:30 till noon. Sat. will be bag day. Buy three at $5.00 each and get 4th free.

In June, we will be at the Gettysburg Farmers Market. At that time, we will be giving free children’s books away to the attending children and will have a stuffed animal to give away with our free raffle.

On August 19 we will be at Good Ole Days in Littlestown. We will be giving free books to the children attending also. The children always have fun picking out their books and the parents really appreciate that we give them out.

In October, we will have our second soup sale; check with Library for the date.

Our “Friends” share a wonderful comradery. I would like to invite you to become one of our volunteers who love books and would like to actively promote library services within our community. For more information, please contact our library.

Sharon Lentzner is President of Friends of the Littlestown Library, Adams County Library System

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