GASD prepares for fall opening; welcomes increased state funding

The Gettysburg Area School District will likely revise its 2022-23 budget to deal with an unexpected 6 percent ($687,000) increase in tax revenue from the state. The new funds will be used in large part for special education, transportation, and charter schools.

Business manager Belinda Wallen said that, given the new funding, the district’s plan for an “insurance holiday” would no longer be in its best interests, and that it should instead make all 12 payments. The plan to make only 11 rather than 12 payments during the 2022-23 budget season was designed in part to reduce the need for a tax increase.

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Wallen said making all 12 payments would keep the district’s rates to a minimum.

In her legislative report, board member Amy Beth Hodges said the overall state budget increase for education was $850 million, including substantial raises for special education and transportation.  She called it a “historic school funding increase.”

Board President Kenneth Hassinger asked Hodges to see if local legislators might be able to help solve the problem in which the district is required to to submit its annual budget before it knows how much funding it will get from the state. That requirement makes it difficult for districts to create accurate budgets.

Superintendent Jason Perrin said the school re-opening is coming very quickly with staff returning on Aug. 17 and students on Aug. 22.

The large HVAC system reconstruction that caused disruptions last year is expected to be completely finished before school opens.

The district said it had standardized early release day times across the school year.

Perrin reminded those interested in supporting GASD students that the 4th annual Gettysburg Area Educational Foundation Fundraiser, “Night at the Totem Pole Playhouse,” was still selling tickets.  The event, which is a performance of “Footloose: The Musical,” will be held Wed. Aug 10 at 8:00 p.m. at the Totem Pole Playhouse in Fayetteville. Click here for tickets.

The board’s next regularly-scheduled meeting will be on Aug. 15 at 7:00 p.m.

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