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GCT shines spotlight on working class Americans this season

Delving into the often-overlooked aspects of careers around the country, Gettysburg Community Theatre’s (GCT) “Working: A Musical” provides an inside look at individual stories and identity surrounding the working people.

Based on the book by Studs Terkel and adapted to stage by Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso, “Working” captures a glimpse into job satisfaction and individuality through American careers.

The cast of Gettysburg Community Theatre’s “Working: The Musical” celebrate on the red carpet after a live performance this week.

Directed by Chad-Alan Carr and music directed by Jane Johnston, “Working” shines with personal monologues capturing the inner stories of the day-to-day employment including a first job, retirement, and being “just a housewife.”

Pouring their talent onto the stage, the ensemble brings to life various characters including an uptight businessman, a crisp flight attendant, and a haggard teacher trying to keep with the times.

Characters of all ages, regions, and backgrounds vary by motivation, whether pulling themselves up the corporate ladder or working to the bone to make a better life for posterity, they all have one thing in common: they all work.

Capturing the emotions of a disgruntled mill worker to a self-dignified waitress, “Working” addresses the day in and day out of employment.  The topic of job satisfaction is pulled into question and discusses whether when life twists in unforeseen ways, do you choose to let the “what ifs” consume you or find comfort in making the monotony your own.

Flowing seamlessly from one character to the next, actors, costumes, and music drive home individual characters, aspirations, and the different ways it means to work.

Essential workers in their own right, the cast and crew of GCT’s “Working” pinpoint the necessity of recognition no matter the scale of a perceived societal role.

The dedication of the cast and crew exemplifies the labor of love of the working class, proving that it takes all kinds and that everyone should be able to have satisfaction in their lives.
“Working” brings the community together to showcase that behind every job, no matter the impact, is an individual person.

Celebrating their 13th season, GCT’s presented “Working” via live performances as well as online streaming. Incorporating new theatrical aspects since the pandemic, GCT is now implementing digital programs accessible via smartphone Flowcode or on the GCT website.

More information about GCT shows and schedule of events can be found at https://www.gettysburgcommunitytheatre.org/.

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