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Gettysburg addresses “Ghost Poles”

Gettysburg Borough is sending letters of support to Adams County personnel and state legislators regarding the passage of PA House Bill 1519 regarding the repair and replacement of utility poles.

Of concern is the increasing number of “ghost” utility poles in the borough. The poles occur when a utility installs a new pole next to a broken one but leaves the old one in place.

The council said the removal of the ghost poles is necessary to increase safety, easements, and aesthetics.

Councilmember Chad-Alan said local representatives Dan Moul and Torren Ecker have yet to support the bill. “We would encourage the public to reach out to these representatives for their support,” he said.

Council President Wes Heyser said there were at least 40 ghost poles currently in the borough.

The borough also:

  • Said its 2023-24 budget process will begin at a meeting to be held on October 10. The borough hopes to have the budget approved by December.
  • Noted the Borough Planning Committee will meet on Sep. 18 at 7:00 p.m. On the agenda are plans for the traffic study for the proposed Gettysburg Station Project, as well as continued discussion on the big rezoning project.
  • Announced that residents will be able to see preliminary plans for the look of the Gettysburg Station project at the Sep. 20 meeting of the Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB).
  • Said the recent street chip and seal work in West Gettysburg has been completed except for some line painting.
  • Said plans for the new Welcome Center on Baltimore St. are moving forward but that substantial underground stormwater changes would be needed.
  • Committed $140,000 in matching funds for the purchase of a new $440,000 leaf vacuum truck. The truck, which should be available in 2024 or 2025, will allow single person operation from inside the cab.  “We’re tying to lock in the purchase of a vehicle,” said board president Wes Heyser.
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