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Gettysburg Baking Company opens in Biglerville

Owner Sheila Luckenbaugh has expanded the Gettysburg Baking Company from the existing shop on the Gettysburg Square into an extension location at 213 E. York St.in Biglerville. The store is just a few blocks north of the town center.

The shop, which currently sells a variety of breads and pastries, as well as coffee, had a soft opening on Tuesday that was well attended. Even Biglerville Mayor Phil Wilson showed up for a baguette and a seeded twist.

Luckenbaugh has baked her breads and created her pastries at the store in Biglerville since she purchased the business from former owner Marc Jalbert in 2016. She has now purchased the 3,000 square feet building, which was formerly the home of Pamona’s Bakery Café.

“I’m so excited to be open again in Biglerville,” she said. Bakery products will continue to be sold at the shop on the Gettysburg Square, but customers can get them earlier in Biglerville. “The breads are fresh out of the oven at 9:30 in the morning,” said Luckenbaugh.

For now the shop is open from 8:00 a.m. to noon on Tuesdays through Saturdays, but Luckenbaugh said there will be changes coming after the first of the year. “Food is coming,” she said, “I’m just not sure when.”  Luckenbaugh said she expected to start serving brick oven pizzas and salads which will be prepared by her brother Justin, who has 25 years of experience in the culinary field.

Luckenbaugh said keeping the shop in Gettysburg going during the pandemic had been tough. “I worked for 10 months nonstop,” she said. “We had huge, huge support from the community.”

Will Angell will continue as the lead baker and Luckenbaugh said she was looking for a production person. “At this point the biggest issue is staffing,” she said, echoing a difficulty current experienced by businesses around the county.

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