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Gettysburg Borough Appoints Initial Human Relations Board * New ACAC Director Checks In

The Gettysburg Borough Council has chosen the first members of its new Human Relations Committee, which is charged with mediating any complaints that might arise under its new human rights ordinance designed to protect LGBT residents.

Although the standard term is five years, each member was elected to a different length term so the board will rotate yearly going forward.  

The initial members are:

Janet Morgan Riggs for a five-year term

Tauren G. Moses for a four-year term

Pastor Jay Eckman for a three-year term

Janelle Wertzberger for a two-year term

Jennie Dillon for a one-year term, and

Alternate Scott Hancock for a three-year term.

Councilmembers Judie Butterfield and Matt Moon said they worked together to find, interview, and select the new committee. “We received about a dozen applications,” said Moon. “We believe what we put together here is a group of concerned caring people for this community.”

The New Executive Director of the Adams County Arts Council (ACAC), Leona M. Rega, told the council she was looking forward to developing a good relationship with the community and that she had a lot of idea going forward. Rega reviewed some of the many ACAC programs including the STAR grants funded through the Robert C. Hoffman Trust and county commissioners that support arts education in the public schools.

Rega said she has a vision of an “arts-rich” community and that ACAC would be a “full scale education arts center.”

Rega reminded the community that ACAC offers after school programs, summer camps, senior citizen programs, and scholarships.  The focus is on multi-generational activities with a connection to people and the “arts as a way to come together.”

Rega said the council was developing a curriculum for the “healing arts,” designed to address psychological problems of depression and addiction and that it was considering leasing a parklet to allow it to hold activities in or near the Gettysburg square.

“You always look for new ways creatively to do new things.  You do that because you’re curious.”

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