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Gettysburg Borough Council Addresses Speeding on W. Middle St.

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Responding to several emails sent to the borough office by S. Howard Ave. resident Frank Gargano, the borough will address traffic issues along W. Middle St. near Howard Avenue.

In his communication Gargano said he had observed “speeding in order to beat the lights; yelling and cursing at each other, and non-stop noisy speeding vehicles up until 11:30.”

Howard Ave. at W. Middle St, Gettysburg

“We need a traffic light at Howard and Middle St,”said Gargano.

The borough thanked Gargano for his inquiries and said it takes them seriously. The borough placed the issue on its list of “known concerns” but said there are limited funds and the borough can’t address every issue.

Borough Public Works Director Robert Harbaugh noted that W. Middle is a state-owned road and that PennDot owns the right of way. Harbaugh said the addition of a stoplight would have to be permitted by PennDot and would need to pass a warrant analysis to see whether a traffic signal is warranted and that the potential stoplight would need to be fit into the borough’s budget.

“This has come up several times in the past 20 years. That intersection will not meet the warrants from PennDot. It just doesn’t qualify. I can tell you that from first-hand experience,” said board member John Lawver.

Gettysburg Police Chief Glenny reported on accidents at the corner saying only two have occurred in the past five years at Howard and W. Middle St., including one last Saturday night in which a driver ran a stop sign on Howard St.

Council member Chris Berger suggested replacing speed lines on the pavement on Middle St. and Harbaugh said that was in the works and they would be replaced within the next weeks.”  

“Some random speed enforcement will help,” said council member Wesley Heyser.

Lawver said officers used to sit in the bank parking lot, “making a very visual showing” that “resulted in some traffic tickets.”

Councilmember Matt Moon said he had seen two accidents in that area in the past two months, both in the mid-afternoon.

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