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Gettysburg Borough: Fees Set for Parklets; New Parking App; South Dakota Letter Success; Safe Needle Disposal

The Gettysburg Borough Council will continue the temporary parklet and pedlet pilot testing program currently underway on Lincoln Square and further consider allowing alcohol to be served in the parklets.

Under the parklet program, some parking spaces are being converted to structures that provide businesses, especially restaurants, with additional outdoor space for patrons. The program will also help implement social-distancing guidelines.

The borough announced the current monthly fee for a parklet would be $200 per space on Lincoln Square with a 2-space minimum in order to accommodate concrete barricades.  In the blocks off the square the current cost will be $150 per month.

The borough suggested these rates would be lower after the summer months.

The cost of building the first parklet on the Lincoln Square was $1,300, but

Borough Manager Charles Gable said the costs of the parklets could likely be reimbursed through federal COVID funds available to the borough.

Carly Marshall, Director of Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement, said the proposed changes in the outdoor alcohol consumption regulations would only apply to people dining within the parklets. 

Parking Updates

Council members voted to authorize and ratify the Borough’s temporary pilot testing program of app-only parking zones (no coins allowed), as well a reduction of the Borough’s monthly fee for a Local Privilege Parking (LPP) permit from $35.00 to $25.00 to remain in effect through September 30, 2020.

Parking manager Rebecca Fissel said people who park in the borough now have two parking apps to choose from. “Passport parking is the same app we have been using for 3-4 years. We have added a new app called Pay by Phone,” said Fissel.

“The new app has better features and options compared to Passport,” said Fissel. “Pay by Phone has a map of the parking zones that is very user friendly. You can prepay with Pay by Phone. For example, if you park at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday afternoon you can prepay so the time will start at 1:00 p.m. when the meters are enforced.”

Safe Needle Disposal Drop-Off in Bonneauville

Council member Matt Moon spoke about meeting with the Adams County Heroin Awareness Task Force. In addition to discussing difficulties some residents might have in accessing care and therapy, the council was also informed about the first safe needle disposal zone in the county. According to Moon, those who would like to dispose of any needles can set them in a container and leave them at the designated drop off zone at the Bonneauville Fire Department Building.

Gettysburg South Dakota Letter

Gable also discussed the borough’s public letter to Gettysburg, South Dakota, sent on June 30, which encouraged that city to remove the Confederate flag from its police patch. While the council has not received a formal response, Gable reported that the flag has been removed.

Other Business

The council also approved a potential conversion from a motel to rental apartments. The change would allow the conversion for  a building constructed subsequent to October 13, 1975, and to reduce the minimum lot area requirement for apartment conversions in certain zoning districts.

Borough Engineer Chad Clabaugh said $4,293 dollars is available for improvements towards Broadway Street, but because of a lack of rain during the summer, the renovations will not take place until the fall when the condition of the grass has improved. 

Money is also earmarked for a project to make improvements to the Stevens wall collapse on South Street, according to Clabaugh. The next step is to conduct a survey before snow begins to fall, which will likely occur around November.

Council members also voted to award the Racehorse Alley Parking Garage Maintenance 2020 project to Crilon Corp for $40,922.42.  The project is scheduled to be completed by November 27, 2020. 

Gable said the duties of the financial department have been rolled into a new department called the Officer of Manager and Treasurer.

Borough Finance Director Nicolette James provided an update to the Revolving Loan Program, saying Robin Fitzpatrick, President of the Adams Economic Alliance, agreed to be the credit check agency in addition to providing a financial analysis and collecting all the applications free of charge before submitting them to the loan committee for review. According to James, the program will hopefully be able to be rolled out by the end of the year.

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