Gettysburg Children’s Choir presents virtual spring concert next weekend

The theme of the Gettysburg Children’s Choir’s spring concert is “Listen: A Concert of Stories that Matter.” This concept appears frequently in the pieces the children’s choir and chamber chorale will perform. With so much turmoil in our world, the choir wants to explore with our singers various ways we can better understand and learn from one another.

Watch the concert live at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday May 29.

​Each piece explores important ways to listen deeply to the stories of others, and to value their experiences. In rehearsals, the choir has learned about and reflected on how we can work with people to affect change in our schools, communities, and beyond. During the concert you will not only hear beautiful music, but hear from our students themselves about what these songs mean to them.

The concert is during Memorial Day weekend. The Monday after, many school students and families have a day off to reflect and honor those we have lost who have fought for something greater than themselves. The choir hopes the concert will inspire people to take time to reflect and to consider ways to listen deeply and learn something new that may change the conditions of our world! 

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