Gettysburg Connection Seeks $2,500 To Expand its Education Reporting in the Time of COVID-19

Over the past decades our country has seen many news organizations decline or close because they were too dependent on advertisers. At Gettysburg Connection we do it differently.

We are of the community, and by the community. We are independent of any corporate interests.

The Connection relies on contributions from people like you to power our member-supported newsroom. 

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines so far, I’m challenging you to support local, independent news today by participating in our 2021 educational reporting challenge.

We are in a critical time for education, and there is nothing more important than education for Adams County.  Our children are our future, but many of them, from preschool to college, are currently unable to attend school in person. And if they do they are in danger of catching and spreading COVID. Instead of progressing as they expected, some children are being left behind. 

fund chart
Educational Reporting Challenge Status

At the same time our school districts are facing massive shortfalls in their budgets.

Children, parents, teachers, staff, school boards, and administrators are all doing the best they can. But the community needs to know what is happening in our school systems — how our children are coping and learning, and how our tax dollars are being spent.

Your contribution will help us keep our six school systems on the front page of our website with weekly stories about students, teachers, and administrators as they work together to promote learning.

To provide the coverage we need $2,500 by December 31. Five awesome subscribers have already put us part of the way there.

So, what do you say? We truly need your support.

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