Gettysburg Families Participate in the Front Steps Project Fundraiser

Taking advantage of the fact that many of us are now at home, Mary Brunst of Westminster, MD has spent the past weeks traveling through Maryland and Pennsylvania to take photographs of people on their front porches.

043020 1253 GettysburgF1

043020 1253 GettysburgF1

Mark, Elic, and Cassie on their front steps in Gettysburg [Mary Brunst]

Brunst’s work is part of the Front Steps Project started by Massachusetts photographer Cara Soulia as a way to celebrate family, life, and community and to offer support during the coronavirus quarantine.

“When I heard about the project, I thought it was pretty cool,” said Brunst. “I wanted to use my photography to celebrate the good.”

Brunst’s project brought her to Gettysburg on Monday where she photographed local residents on their porches.

Brunst said the project was a fundraiser for her 2-1/2 year-old friend, Micah Clark, and others like him, who are immunocompromised and facing major medical expenses.

Brunst said hundreds of photographers from around the country are participating in their own Front Steps efforts, collectively raising over $750,000 for local organizations and non-profits including food pantries, hospitals, and animal shelters.

043020 1253 GettysburgF2


“The photos give people something good to look back on,” said Brunst.

Learn more about Brunst’s Front Porch Project on her website.


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