Gettysburg hears call for more murals

Adams County Arts Center Executive Director Lisa Cadigan and Jeff Rioux, Director of the Gettysburg College Center for Public Service, called for more murals and other people-oriented art in the borough at Monday’s borough council work session.

Cadigan said the Arts Council encouraged creating and maintaining public arts in our area, with the goal of emphasizing “story-telling for community placemaking.”

rec park mural 1

Rioux said public murals would not only beautify the borough but also help create vibrant neighborhoods that give people pride in their community.

Rioux noted that public murals frequently use a collaborative process with significant input from the community, which creates a sense of collective efficacy.

Rioux said murals can help maintain and attract small businesses and are very popular with tourists, who frequently use them as a backdrop for selfies. “Selfies in front of them will give other people ideas about where to visit,” he said.

Cadigan and Rioux proposed creating partnerships with local agencies and the creation of a committee including residents to promote murals.

Rioux and Cadigan said although their focus is on murals, there could be many different types of public arts projects considered, including projection art and panels that are hung on surfaces.

“I pass by a lot of walls that could be painted,” said Rioux. “There are many stories to tell,” said Cadigan.

Council member Chad-Alan Carr pointed out that some historic buildings might have had murals that had been painted over.

Council President Wes Heyser said that according to regulations in the historic district, murals could be painted only on historic buildings that have already been painted.

Individuals interested in learning more about or becoming involved in the project should contact Cadigan or Rioux.


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