Gettysburg Heritage Center presents “One More War to Fight” book presentation and signing by Stephen A. Goldman

Please join us as we welcome on Aug. 20 at 1:00 p.m. Dr. Stephen A. Douglas for a special presentation and book signing of his new release, “One More War to Fight: Union Veterans’ Battle for Equality through Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Lost Cause.”

Dr. Goldman is a psychiatrist with decades of experience in academic/clinical medicine and public health, and a particular interest in the effects of war. A noted speaker, his varied audiences and venues have included veterans, active duty military personnel, National Museum of Civil War Medicine Annual Conferences, Psychiatry Grand Rounds, and Civil War-related meetings. Multiple presentations by Dr. Goldman appear on C-SPAN3 and YouTube, and NPR has broadcast interviews and one of his talks.

one more war

Drawing upon first-hand clinical and working experience with those who have been under fire, this first of three books is about the multi-faceted impact of combat and military service on veterans’ lives, the vital yet little-known role of white and black Union ex-servicemen in support of African American equality throughout Reconstruction, Jim Crow and the Lost Cause, and the searing issue of race. Books two and three will soon be available!

Books can be purchased prior to the event. Anyone unable to attend may pre-order the book, and have it shipped following the signing.

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