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Gettysburg Resident Releases Werewolf Comic Series “Lycan: Solomons Odyssey”

Inspired by his love of the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and a fascination with mythology, Gettysburg resident Dennis Robinson has spent the last 5 years producing his own independent comic book series, Lycan: Solomons Odyssey.

Supported by 117 donors on Kickstarter, Robinson raised over $10,000 and has just released the first book in the series, titled “Chapter One.”

The story of Lycan: Solomons Odyssey follows the world’s first werewolf, Solomon. “Chapter One” explores Solomon’s origins in 8,000 BCE. Robinson said that the first book has “a similar feel to Faust” in which Solomon must “make a deal with the devil” due to a myriad of his own reasons (sorry, no spoilers).

The main conflict of the story begins when “essentially, Solomon is put into a very difficult position that he is not used to and, in his desperation, has to make decisions that he doesn’t have a whole lot of time to think about,” said Robinson. “Whether he makes the right or wrong decisions is up to the reader.”

Robinson said Lycan: Solomons Odyssey deals with themes of PTSD and addiction while exploring mythology, folklore, history, and religion. “Each book moves around a little bit [and] explores different mythologies, folklores, and religions in different areas of the world throughout time. While the first book takes place in the Arabian Peninsula, subsequent books move to places like Sumeria . . . and while Book four takes place in ancient Egypt, Book five is in Greece,” he said.

Robinson said that currently Lycan: Solomons Odyssey is planned to be split into 15 different chapters.

He is excited about the release of the second book in which he will introduce some side characters that embody the “sarcasm and dry humor” that he has had fun writing, and has has already scripted out Book 3 which he will continue to write as time moves on and the series picks up steam.

Robinson said Book 3 “hits some pretty dark stuff” that he is excited about sharing with his audience.

Robinson is also the Dungeon Master (DM) of Botched: A D&D Podcast. He noted that his experience as the DM has aided his own writing process for Lycan. “The dungeon master, for those who don’t play D&D is the one that runs the story.” “The thing that I like about playing and writing for D&D is that … you don’t necessarily have to be constrained to fantasy … I like the freedom of how the game lends to that.” Readers of Lycan: Solomons Odyssey can expect a mix of fantasy and reality that isn’t constrained by the base fantasy aspects of Dungeons and Dragons.

Robinson said that D&D helped him practice storytelling and writing the bones of a story before diving straight into it. “Playing D&D is just another form of writing. I’ve always been told that if you’re going to be doing writing, you should practice writing, and the more you practice the better you get. For me, the more I can practice telling a story [as a DM] the better I can get at it,” he said.

In the future, Robinson says he has plans for both a science-fiction comic series focused on robot fighting, Real Steel style, and a series that will be “sort of like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign following a paladin that turns into a vengeance paladin.”

Robinson is currently independently creating Lycan: Solomons Odyssey with the help of backers on his Kickstarter and Patreon websites. If you are interested in supporting the series, you can go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/worldsmostokayestdm/lycan-solomons-odyssey-chapter-one or https://www.patreon.com/hiveheadstudios. If you are interested in supporting Book 2 when its Kickstarter opens on September 2, you can go to www.lycanbook.com to sign up to the waiting list and donate when it goes live.

Copies of Lycan: Solomon’s Odyssey can be found in Gettysburg’s own Four Corners Comics and Games.

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