Gettysburg freezes its parklet program, with the exception of the one by the clock

The Gettysburg Borough Council said on Monday the temporary parklet program that was created during the pandemic to allow businesses greater access to outdoor areas had served its purpose but was no longer effective or needed.

The council will no longer take applications for parklets.

“I don’t think they do what we originally thought they would do,” said board member Chad-Alan Carr. “We were at a certainly at a place [where they were effective] in the pandemic when we started this, but we’re not at that place anymore,” he said.  Carr said his opinions were based on his interactions with community members.

Council member Matt Moon concurred, saying “I don’t think they are accomplishing their goals. We have not seen businesses adopting them in the way we had envisioned.”

Council member Chris Berger said he didn’t they the parklets were being used. “It could work during Covid, but I don’t think it’s appropriate now,” he said.

The council agreed the parklet near the clock on the southwest corner of the square which is used by the Adams County Arts Council for musical and other programs was meeting its purpose and should remain.  “It’s for the public, and it’s not so much in the way,” said Carr.

Main Street Gettysburg President Jill Sellers said that parklet had already been used by over 50 musical groups, as well as Gettysburg Pride weekend, the Gettysburg Christmas Festival, and for other events.

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