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Giving Spree Adds Endowment Option and Digital Day of Giving 2020

November 5, 2020 will mark the tenth anniversary of the Adams County Community Foundation’s annual fall Giving Spree. The spree brings Adams County donors and nonprofits together in a day of giving.

“We’ve had some pretty good growth over the past year,” said Community Foundation Chairman Ralph Serpe.

Serpe said the “forever” giving options have been expanded this year so that donors can support any specific organization with an endowment.

“When donors select a forever gift it goes into an endowment that is invested.  Each year a portion of that money is sent to the organization in the form of a grant,” said Serpe.  “This supports the organization’s long-term financial health.”

Serpe reminded the giving community that organizations with healthy operating endowments fare better in difficulty times like we are now experiencing than those who don’t.

“Consider giving a forever gift to say this is an important organization in an important community.  It’s time for our generation to step up and endow it for the future,” said Serpe

Serpe said the stretch pool funds, which are distributed proportionally among all of the nonprofits, has started this year at $50,000. Donors can add to the stretch pool either before or after November 5.

You can donate to the giving spree by sending in a donation form by November 5 or drop off your donation at the Gettysburg High School between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on November 5.

At the high school, you’ll be able to drive up and drop off your gift.  “Donors will stay in their car.  They will drive up and drive through to the drop off box,” said Serpe. “On the way out there will be a thank you tunnel of love from the nonprofits. The drive-up will create a personal feeling for the donors.”

For the first time you may make your gift online. During the entire 24 hours of November 5 the Community Foundation’s website will become an online giving portal. 

“I’m anticipating more donors this year than last,” said Serpe. “People are giving this fall in lieu of the many other activities they missed out on during the year.”

“Philanthropy is deeply rooted in what it means to be an American,” said Serpe.  “It doesn’t surprise me that people in this community are as generous as they are.” 

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