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Glenny and Schindel Featured in Washington Post Article on Gettysburg Political Conflict

The weekly conflicts between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and armed counter-protestors on the Gettysburg Square has been escalating and frequently turning violent.

The Gettysburg Police Department has issued several citations for harassment and vulgar language over the past weeks, and arrested a man last weekend for his involvement in an incident in which Democratic State Senate Candidate Rich Sterner was pushed to the ground and injured.

The situation is being noticed not only locally, but also nationally.

In a Washington Post article published yesterday Gettysburg is painted as a flashpoint of political conflict.

“Nearly 160 years after a battle here helped turn the tide of the Civil War, Gettysburg is once again riven by conflict,” said the article’s author, Peter Jamison.

Gettysburg Borough Council President Jake Schindel and Gettysburg Police Chief Robert Glenny were both interviewed for the article, and each expressed dismay about the current state of affairs.

The article focuses on the intense level of local political involvement including the yellow “This battle was fought because Black lives matter” signs around the county, the horn-honking “Trump Train” truck caravans, and the “pro-America, pro-gun, pro-Trump” counter-protestors who regularly show up during the demonstrations.

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