High School Tennis: New Oxford girls pitch a shutout

New Oxford was dominant from start to finish Friday afternoon in a series of 6-0, 6-0 wins at Gettysburg, winning with perfect scores across both singles and doubles events.

Dominant Singles Play

The singles matches set the tone, with New Oxford’s Anya Rosenbach quietly dispatching Gettysburg’s Carmen Oshunrinade at Singles 1.

yellow Wilson tennis racket

Auvrie Coscia, representing Gettysburg in Singles 2, then faced a similar fate against Allison Horick.

Wynter Frenette, Gettysburg’s Singles 3, struggled against the all-round game of Kaelyn Balko.

Doubles Dominance

There was little respite for Gettysburg as they moved on to the doubles events. Molly Heaton and Alma Zigmic, the team’s Doubles 1 pair, were overcome by the dynamic duo of Alex Wolf and Joslyn Loss from New Oxford.

The Doubles 2 match was no different, with Emory Millar-Kellner and Kylie Wampler disposing of Kalia Hoedemaker and Nicole Shirley of Gettysburg.

By the end of the afternoon, New Oxford had pulled off a perfect match, not dropping a single game across all events.

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