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Historical Society presents inaugural “Photo Projection” on the Gettysburg Square

Dozens of people lined the Gettysburg Square last night to view an outdoor “projection” of historic photographs in front of the wall of the ACNB Bank Building in the square.

Adams County Historical Society (ACHS) Executive Director Andrew Dalton and historian Tim Smith narrated the program, featuring rare images of the town taken throughout its long and storied history. Many of the views were shown – for the first time ever – in color, utilizing cutting-edge technology from the genealogy company MyHeritage.

Dalton said ACHS, which is moving into a new home north of the borough, had millions of artifacts and tens of thousands of photographs in its collection. “We are thrilled that so many people came out to see this first-of-its-kind program in the square. We hope to do this again next year, as it seemed to be well received,” said Dalton.

In his presentation Smith showed images of many of the most important buildings in Gettysburg and scenes of the residents of the town as captured by early cameras.

One of the more poignant of the images displays the first test of the borough’s steam fire engine in 1886. Dalton said the engine is an 1886 Silsby built in Seneca Falls, NY and was named the “General Meade.”

“I believe the engine cost was around $3,500 at the time. I’m pretty sure the photo was taken during the first public display of the engine to the citizens. Pumping capacity was around 500 gallons per minute, based on the water stream volume in the photo I believe they may be pumping near capacity,” said Dalton.

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